BE Civil

Civil Engineering, the first and ever growing engineering discipline in the world, has been the program of attraction from the ancient period to this most sophisticated twenty first century. We offer Bachelor of Civil Engineering, which is a four year undergraduate program divided into eight semesters. It is a highly demanding academic program that finds different professional fields such as transportation and highway design, earthquake and geotechnical engineering, water resource and hydropower that leads to Nepal’s most praised hydropower production industries and  structural designs of skyscrapers, steel and RCC structures such as shopping malls ,bridges etc. Civil Engineering graduates are in high demand in this post-earthquake and infrastructure construction time of Nepal. Even in the developed countries civil engineering designs are changing with time and newly fabricated light and strong construction materials. Buildings with old design and heavy construction materials are no more realized safe to reside so they are being continuously replaced creating the job market to the civil engineering graduates. Our curricula are up to-date to meet all these few mentioned areas and many more in human civilizations. We prepare students at EEC with strong theoretical background incorporating all real life technical skills using modern teaching learning methods and strategies. 

Career Prospects
Civil Engineering graduates will have career opportunities in both the public and private sectors in local authorities in the field design and construction of infrastructure. There is huge demand for civil engineers in Nepal and is also expected to grow as the country going to achieve political and economic stability. We are in the verge of upgrading our infrastructure with growing economic and political scenario in Nepal. Civil engineers can work as planner, designer, constructor and operator of physical works and facilities required in the civil societies. They can also work professionally in different sectors like roads, buildings, hydropower and irrigation projects, water supply projects.  

Career Opportunities:

  • Consulting Firms
  • Governmental Organizations
  • Contractors
  • Development Banking Sectors
  • Academia
  • Research Centers
  • Hydropower Industries

Course Offered
Scholarship Offer

Nepal Government Scholarships

EEC Provides full scholarship to 10% students under the rules of Pokhara University. Scholarship awardee will get full waiver on admission, tuition & Semester fees.

Outstanding Scholarship

EEC provides full tuition fee scholarship for the University topper (SGPA 4.0) for the next one semester. This Scholarship is awarded in each program for every class of 48 students.

Class Topper Scholarship

EEC Provides 50% tuition fee scholarship for the class toper for next one semester.

Admission Scholarship

Scholarships are awarded to the meritorious students based on their Higher Secondary Level (10+2) examinations or equivalent and entrance exam conducted by EEC followed by interview.

Admission Eligibility

Students seeking admission in Bachelor level programs  (BE)  must  pass  Higher  Secondary Level  (10+2)  with  Science  (Physical  or  Bio-group),  or  Diploma  in Engineering or equivalent,  from  a  recognized  institution,securing at least second division marks with 100  marks  mathematics  as  one  of  the subjects. 

1St Semester
Code Credit Subject
CHM 110 2 Applied Chemistry
PHY 110 3 Applied Physics
MTH 110 3 Calculus I
ENG 110 2 Communication Techniques
CMP 112 3 Computer Programming
MEC 112 3 Engineering Drawing
2nd Semester
Code Credit Subject
MTH 114 3 Engineering Mathematics II
CHM 111 4 Chemistry
ENG111 2 Communication Techniques
CMP 115 3 Object Oriented Programming in C++
MEC 110 1 Mechanical Workshop
MEC 130 3 Applied Mechanics 
3rd Semester
Code Credit Subject
MTH 212 3 Engineering Mathematics III
MEC 131 2 Applied Mechanics II
CVL 211 2 Civil Engineering Materials
WRE 210 3 Fluid Mechanics
STR 210 3 Strength of Materials
GTE 210 3 Engineering Geology
CVL 290 1 Project I
4th Semester
Code Credit Subject
MTH 220 3 Probability and Statics
CVL 221 3 Surveying I
ELX 110 2 Basic Electronics Engineeering
MTH 230 3 Numerical Methods
WRE 211 3 Hydrolics
STR 212 3 Project I
5th Semester
Code Credit Subject
ARC 358 2 Building Technology
WRE 350 2 Engineering Hydrology
STR 312 3 Structure Analysis II
GTE 320 4 Soil Mechanics
ENV 330 3 Water Supply Engineering
CVL 390 1 Project II
CVL 321 3 Surveying II
6th Semester
Code Credit Subject
WRE 320 3 Irrigation Engineering
STR 320 3 Design of Steel and Timber Structure
GTE 321 3 Foundation Engineering
ENV 331 3 Sanitary Engineering
STR 331 3 Concrete Technology and Masonry structure
CVL 322 1 Survey Field Project
7th Semester
Code Credit Subject
STR 440 3 Design of RCC Structure
TRP 411 3 Transportaion Engineering I
WRE 430 3 Hydropower Engineering
CVL 431 3 Estimating and Valuation
  3 Elective I
ECO 411 3 Enginnering Economics
8th Semester
Code Credit Subject
CVL 441 3 Construction Project Management
CVL 440 2 Engineering Professional Practics
TRP 412 3 Transportation Engineering II
  3 Elective II
CVL 490 5 Project III