Library - Introduction

Everest Engineering College Library has sufficient numbers of text books, and reference books, physical as well as online journals. All the students receive full set of text books for their running semester.

We have a peaceful environment for learning along with the digital resources center equipped with computer, internet and the journal access. Students are sit individually or in group and brain storm inside EEC library.

The Library is opened in Sunday-Friday (7.00am- 5.00pm). This service has helped the students who stay in the vicinity to come to the Library to prepare their exams and other research works.

Facilities provided by the library

a)      Open access – Readers can consult their required books from the shelves independently.

b)     Internet – Users can surf the internet to access e-resources and download materials from the internet.

c)      Career Guidance – Books & journals relating to different competitive examinations are available for reference.

d)     Book display – The library display books related to specific themes.

e)       OPAC – Web OPAC searching facility through MS is available.

f)      Research & Resource Center – The library provides readers with related books, journals, e-resources and archival materials for researcher/scholars. Our digital library provides the readers with collections of e-books, magazines, sample project works, sample assignment works, past question papers, and different newspapers.


E-Resource Service

EEC Library has a number of national and international subscribed, free open source databases for use by its members. Some of the database are journals, research etc.


Library Rules and Regulation

EEC has established a Library to strengthen, develop and maintain reading facilities for teachers and students as much as possible. All the EEC teacher, staff and students are eligible to enter library room during times, interested readers from outside EEC are also permitted reading room.

Each student/user using the resources available in the college library must follow and comply with library policies of the college.

1.     Library Opening Time :

a) Sunday-Friday:                7.00am-5.00pm

b) Saturday & holiday:         Closed

.     Membership Enrolment Procedure 

a)      Anyone who has got admission in the college may fill for enrolment for library membership.

b)      The applicant should submit his/her application form with 3 auto size photograph. An auto size photograph will be affixed on each library ship membership card.


3.     Numbers of Book Issued  

For students

a)      BE-Civil. BE-IT and BE-CMP its students will be providing with a set of all text books under the provision of book bank with one month of enrolment and get two membership card for reference books.

     For Teacher and Staffs    

a)      Permanent teachers:    4 to 6 books as required

b)      Part time teachers:       2 to 4 books as required

c)      Staffs:                         4 books  


4.     Lending and Borrowing Systems

a)      Books will be issued for one semester to permanent teachers.

b)      Students should return all the books of book bank to get another semester’s book bank.

c)      Reference book will be barrow for 14 days.

d)     The library card is not transferable.


5.     Late Fine system

a)      This is to notify that anyone who doesn’t return the books within the due date shall charge to 5 rupee per day per book.

b)      This is to notify that anyone who fails to return the book with the one month period of semester end will be charge fine of 100 rupee.


6.     Clearance from the Library

a)      Anyone who is leaving the college should get clearance for the EEC library

b)      Similarly, if the EEC teachers and staffs going for a leave (More than one month) or leave college permanently should apply for the clearance.


7.     Personal Behavior

a)      The aim of library is to maintain a positive learning environment in which all persons treat each other with respect.

b)      A person who exhibits disruptive or inappropriate behavior will be banned from using the library facilities further.

c)      Those who take away books from the library will be monitored under the surveillance of CC camera.

d)     All user must vacate the library by closing time, a reminder will be given 15 minutes before the notified the closing time.


8.     Respect for Library Material

a)      Each user must treat library material with care.

b)      Damage to or defacement of any material is considered a serious disciplinary offense.

c)      Journals, magazines, and newspapers cannot be borrowed from library.


9.     Library cards Or ID cards

a)      A student should deposit his/her college Identity card in order to select books from the rack and should keep them in the proper place after use.

b)      In case of loss of card, the student can apply for a new card and Rs.50/- is the charge per card.

c)      Card is not transferrable to any other student to borrow the library material/book.

10.             Discussion and Quiet Areas

a)      Making noise inside the library is strictly prohibited.

b)      Audible of electronic devices is not permitted in the library.

11.             Personal belongings

a)      Personal belongings such as bags, overcoat, folder, and umbrella, etc. should be kept outside the library or property counter.

12.            Others

a)      It is necessary to inform (in written form in time) for loss of any library member ship card/s change of mobile no. or misuse of book.

b)      The library committee or the librarian will decide on the lost or damage books documents, reports etc.

c)      If someone has lost or damage the library book he/she should replace the book. One who cannot replace the book should be pay double cost of the book.

d)       In the case of the library membership card the library will charge Rs.50 for each duplicate membership card.

e)      Library spaces and facilities are provided for educational purposes not for personal business or recreational use such as gaming, playing music, singing etc.

f)       If some is found misusing the library facilities he/she will be punished and barred from entry in library. 

g)      The library attended will not accept any responsibility for the lost any valuable article when such article is keep inside or outside library premises.