Everest Engineering College

Message from CEO

Dear Students and Guardians,
It is our honor and pleasure to welcome you to Everest Engineering College (EEC), Sanepa-2, Lalitpur, a premier center for education and research in engineering fields. EEC, affiliated with Pokhara University, is a leading name in the field of engineering education since its inception in 2001 A.D. Here we define technical education as an innovative process for acquiring knowledge and skill through classroom teaching using state-of-the-art technology and methodology creating solid knowledge via practical and project works at the laboratory supplemented by frequent relevant field visits.             
We are a team of young academicians with the common interest in creating a unique realm of technical education that fosters the technical and innovative human resources for the need of the twenty-first century. Our uniqueness lies in the practice that we involve ourselves in regular activities of students both inside and outside the classroom that maintains a close attachment with our students. We understand the problem of the students of this age group intellectually, psychologically, and emotionally and always plan activities to balance them and try to make the students aware of their stage of life and learning through our students' counseling and wellbeing department. Our graduates have proven the academic level by involving them in research-level higher education and professional fields across the globe. 
Currently, we are offering four-year bachelors’ degree programs in engineering namely in three fields: Bachelor of Civil Engineering (BE-Civil), Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE-Computer), and Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE-IT). We believe in the role of research in fulfilling the nation’s need to develop local technology focusing on engineering and we are thinking of running research-level master’s degree programs in engineering in near future after getting affiliation from Pokhara University.
 Finally, I would like to thank all individuals, our faculty members, and non-teaching staff for their efforts in creating the educational environment that is establishing EEC as a center of academic excellence in the country.
We welcome you cordially at EEC in the academic year 2022 with the full commitment to providing a complete academic environment for your four-year undergraduate studies.

 Thanking You
Arun Kumar Bhandari

Our Programs

BE Civil

Civil Engineering, the first and ever growing engineering discipline in the world, has been the program of attraction from the ancient period to this most sophisticated twenty first century.

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BE Computer

Bachelor of Computer Engineering (BE-Computer) integrates computer science, hardware engineering, and their embedding,   is a four year eight-semester undergraduate program.

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BE IT(Information Technology)

Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (BE IT), the latest and most modern outcome of computer science and data communication, is a four year eight semester program.

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